A Sterile Service with Solace

15th May 2017

When it comes to personal care one of the biggest concerns of clients is whether the equipment being used is sterile.

There are some foot care providers who charge an extra cost for clippers on the first visit, however, this is never the case with Solace as we pride ourselves on supplying freshly sterilised equipment at each and every visit.

Always sterile

One of the biggest benefits to booking Solace to take care of your feet is that all of the instruments we use during foot care treatments are sterilised at 134 degrees in accordance with British standard requirements.

We know that this cuts down on the level of contamination, not to mention making sure that our customers feel great about receiving our services and do not have to incur an extra cost during their first treatment with us.

Never an extra charge

When we first set up Solace Foot Health and Reflexology, we always had our customers at the forefront of our minds.  That is why we developed a fully professional service that would always deliver the best care to our clients.  We discovered that some other foot care companies would offer a sterile equipment service to their clients, however, they apply an additional charge for the clippers and files used.

This wasn’t something that we wanted for our customers.  Instead, we wanted to make sure that they had faith that our service is hygienic and reasonably priced.

We use sterile equipment during our treatments and procedures and we never charge extra for this.

Our service is of the highest level of cleanliness and always at a great price – exactly what you’re looking for from a personal care company.

If you need treatment for your feet and you want a service that is sterile and available at a great price then get in touch with Solace.

We offer the following services:

  • Nail cutting and filing
  • A full foot service (including nail cutting/filing and the removal of hard skin and corns)
  • Podiguard
  • Reflexology

Always sterile, always dedicated to you, always the very best.  That is the Solace way!

To book your appointment call our office on 0333 3583838 and quote the code WEB10 to receive 10% off your first treatment with us.

All our staff are trained by our registered foot health practitioner

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