The Difference Between A Registered Foot Health Practitioner And A Podiatrist

5th December 2017

Although it’s important that individuals correctly take care of their feet to prevent the onset of common foot health conditions, it can be confusing trying to determine which type of foot care specialist they need to attend an appointment with – especially with each professional providing different services.

One of the most common questions our team gets asked is about the difference between a Registered Foot Health Practitioner and a Podiatrist.  Although the two both work with feet, their job roles and the foot care services they provide differ.  Choosing whether to visit a Podiatrist or Practitioner should depend on your requirements.

What is a Registered Foot Health Practitioner?

A Registered Foot Health Practitioner is an individual that is qualified to carry out routine foot care treatments.  Their services often include cutting and filing toenails and fingernails, corns and callus, preventing and treating fungal nail infections and carrying out general check-ups on feet.

Additionally, many practitioners provide foot care services to individuals with diabetes by assessing their feet for any changes in condition, ensuring that diabetic ulcers don’t develop and by making sure their toenails are correctly cut.

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist specialises in the study, diagnosis and treatment of long term foot, ankle and lower leg conditions.  They aim to prevent and correct deformities of the feet and lower legs by using orthotics and are able to offer advice on the correct style of footwear for your feet.

Many individuals visit a Podiatrist if they are suffering from problems with ligaments, tendons and bones or if they are experiencing consistent pain within their feet or lower legs.

We have a Registered Foot Health Practitioner that can meet all your general foot care needs!

Our expert team is devoted to delivering exceptional foot care services to people of all ages and abilities and we have several years of experience working within the foot and healthcare sector.  Many of our foot care treatments can be carried out in our professional clinic, at assisted living facilities and care homes or in the comfort of your own home.

We offer a variety of foot care treatments including:

  • Fingernail and toenail cutting and filing
  • Treatment and prevention of fungal nail infections
  • Removal of corns and callus skin
  • Reflexology

Before you undergo any of our treatments, we will carry out a confidential consultation and recommend the course of treatment that is most suited to your requirements.  All the equipment used to perform our foot health treatments is sterile and we offer tailored aftercare advice upon the completion of your treatment.

 Would you like to book a treatment with our registered foot health practitioner?

Whether you would like to book an appointment with a Foot Care Assistant or our Registered Foot Health Practitioner on behalf of yourself or a loved one, or whether you are interested in finding out more about the foot care services we provide, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You can contact our team by calling our clinic on 0333 3583838 or emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All our staff are trained by our registered foot health practitioner

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